10 Quotes from Lance Wyman

We’ve collected 10 insightful quotes from Lance Wyman, taken from his exclusive interview with Adrian Shaughnessy featured in Lance Wyman: The Monograph.

On graphic design: “I think that graphic design is all about telling stories, but visual stories.”

On effectiveness: “Does it work? Does it communicate? I think those questions override everything.”

On psychedelic color: “I was aware of the color coming out of the psychedelic revolution, and it didn’t take long to fall in love with indigenous Mexican color… In many ways color and Mexico are synonymous.”

On icons: “By using icons you can create a sense of place, and you can create an international programme that doesn’t rely on any one single language.”

On non-verbal communication: “There have always been situations where icons are superior to written language. The directional arrow is probably the most obvious.”

On design for a mass audience: “I enjoy designing for the general public, it’s always a challenge and when it works it feels like an accomplishment.”

On teaching design: “You can’t teach someone how to design, but you can teach them to respect the fact that they might be able to design something.”

On art vs design: “In some ways I don’t see a difference between art and design, and in other ways I see a big difference because of the mandate to communicate something that is always present in design.”

On style: “We’re in a stylized discipline; there’s a whole industry built on it and it has to change every year. But as far as I’m concerned, my work doesn’t have to change.”

On branding and wayfinding: “The idea of combining branding with wayfinding has really been key to a lot of the major programmes I’ve done.”

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